I’m craving the kitchen

Why have I not been cooking this week?

My plan was to make Nigella Lawson’s Saffron Risotto as my "main meal” that would provide leftovers for lunches.  Have you seen the price of saffron? The cheapest brand was still $13.00 for a few threads. I could feed myself breakfast for 7 days on less than $13.00.

So that recipe got scrapped. But I do have big plans for the weekend:

  • Rachel Wilkerson’s Project Tasteless: Please Let Me Infiltrate the Man Cave Challenge.
  • I also want to put the massive griddle my Mom got me for Christmas to good use. Salmon? Chicken? I’m going to surf Nigella’s cookbook for inspiration.
  • Finally, I haven’t baked for some time. There may be a Hobby Lobby trip in my future to pick up some Valentine cupcake tins and red and pink sprinkles. It’s my Friday night and I’ll spend it how I want to!

I have a busy Friday ahead and need to get coffee brewing! Happy Friday!

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Hello world!

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